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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

In the Beginning...

Well, here it is. I'm in AIM; it's my third day; I'm going to chapel in about forty minutes. Waiting for my roommate Dana to get out of the shower. Excited that today we get out at noon to go run essential errands instead of having more  orientation until 4:00 (only so many times you can cover the rules). Still nervous, just like the first day, that I will mess things up and either make an enemy of one of my classmates, or get Kris and Pat (AIM Director and Asst. Director, respectively) watching me like a hawk. It's not that I expect to mess up, but man-oh-man I'd hate to do it.
So I do believe I have been running off about five hours' sleep every night for four nights. It's murder. So I went to bed early last night (a little earlier. An hour. Every bit helps), and we'll see how that works out for my heavy-lidded eyes this morning.
I built a cheap entertainment center yesterday and felt quite...independent. I also bought the thing because my tv, Playstation, and dvd player are not going on the floor (and we are incredibly short on large pieces of furniture), meaning I lost twenty bucks' worth of food. Which is essential, because even though we're all pitching in for groceries, my two roommates and I, it still stings mortally when somebody steals the last apple I bought. However, I love my roommates. Dana flew in from North Carolina, and boy, are her arms -- nah, I'm playing. Anyway, she's a doll. She's absolutely hilarious and has the sassy wit of any pretty Palestinian pretending to be Bon Qui Qui. Heather, the lucky ducky with the single bedroom (and coincidentally lots of space...), is sweet as pie. She's our roomie and parttime chauffeur because she brought a car. Big mistake ;) But it's okay; we're pitching in for gas money. Anyway, this is update one, in the early morning, and I must go because I still have boxes to unpack and figure out where I can hide its contents and pretend I'm still a swell person. Which is totally neato burrito.
-- Katie

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